About Us

HUM-379 Research Group

The Cognitive Neuroscience group of the University of Granada was founded in 1995. It currently consists of 36 members, of which half are doctors. Their object of study is cognitive neuroscience: a field of research about the brain foundations of human cognition, including attention, perception, learning and memory processes, consciousness, emotion and social cognition. The Techniques used include structural and functional neuroimaging (magnetic resonance structural and functional magnetic resonance imaging -MRI/fMRI-, electroencephalography -EEG-), studies neuropsychological, brain stimulation (transcranial magnetic stimulation -TMS-, and electrical stimulation -tDCS/tACS-), computational models and evolutionary studies.

The Cognitive Neuroscience group has access to all these recording equipment and stimulation of brain activity, as well as maintaining collaborations with personal neuropsychological study of the Hospital de San Rafael and other hospitals in Granada, which facilitates the application of the results to clinical practice. The research topics in the group are very broad. They have multiple national and international research programs in the fields of control cognitive, attention, perception, prosecution of weather, learning-memory, language and affective and social neuroscience. The group is part of the thematic network of cognitive neuroscience (RNCC), which facilitates the development of research collaborations between Spanish researchers from the area. In addition, many members of the group maintain collaborations with other researchers at various foreign universities.