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Emotion And Cognition

The aim of this line of research is to clarify the relations between attention, cognitive control, personality, and emotion. Central questions are:

  1. What attentional mechanisms are mediated by anxiety?

  2. How the different types of anxiety (state, trait, clinical) modulate attention?

  3. What are the relations between cognitive control and emotional regulation?

(cc) Wes Washington.

Principal Investigators

Pérez-Dueñas, C., Acosta, A., & Lupiáñez, J. (2014). Reduced habituation to angry faces: increased attentional capture as to override inhibition of return.Psychological research, 78, 196-208.

Pacheco-Unguetti, A. P., Acosta, A., Lupiáñez, J., Román, N., & Derakshan, N. (2012). Response inhibition and attentional control in anxiety. The Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology, 65, 646-660.

Pacheco-Unguetti, A. P., Acosta, A., Callejas, A., & Lupiáñez, J. (2010). Attention and anxiety different attentional functioning under state and trait anxiety. Psychological Science, 21, 298-304.

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