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Grounded Cognition

Principal Investigators

The Grounded Cognition Lab aims at advancing the understanding of the grounded, embedded, embodied, situated, extended, and dynamic nature of the human mind. Central questions are:

  1. What are the roles played in human thought by its main contexts of interaction: body, language, co-actors and culture?

  2. How can we think of abstract concepts such as time, number, power, trustworthiness, or the good and the bad?

  3. How does communication arise in the multimodal interaction between interlocutors?

  4. How is thought scaffolded by material anchors provided by culture and education?

  5. How are communicative systems motivated and constrained by the grounded mind?

Representative publications

de la Fuente, J., Santiago, J., Román, A., Dumitrache, C., & Casasanto, D. (2014). When you think about it, your past is in front of you: How culture shapes spatial conceptions of time. Psychological Science, 25, 1682-1690.

Santiago, J., Ouellet, M., Román, A., & Valenzuela, J. (2012). Attentional factors in conceptual congruency. Cognitive Science, 36, 1051-1077.

Ouellet, M., Santiago, J., Funes, M. J. & Lupiáñez, J. (2010). Thinking about the future moves attention to the right. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human, Perception and Performance, 36, 17-24.

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(dp) Kepler, Tabulae Rudolphinae, 1627.

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