Cognitive Neuroscience at University of Granada

HUM-379 Research Group


Social And Affective Neuroscience

This research line aims to uncover how the brain affords cognitive processing in social contexts. Some of the central questions are:

  1. Which factors bias our decisions in social bargaining contexts?

  2. How is cognitive control applied in social scenarios?

  3. Are social attention cues (such as gaze) special?

(cc) Mike Hiatt.

Principal Investigators

Representative publications

Tortosa, M.I., Lupiáñez, J. & Ruz, M. (2013) Race, emotion, and trust: An ERP study. Brain Research, 1494, 44-55.

Gärtig, C., Moser, A.R., Alguacil, S. & Ruz, M. (2012) Social information and economic decision-making in the ultimatum game. Frontiers in Decision Neuroscience, 6:103.

Ruz, M. & Tudela, P. (2011) Emotional conflict in interpersonal interactions. NeuroImage, 54, 1685-91.

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